Blessed By His Blood Cooperative has partnered with Allegro Organizational Solutions as a means to accept donations. This allows you, the donor, to receive tax benefits from your gift to BBHB. By partnering with Allegro, your donations are now tax-deductible to the full extent allowable by law. Allegro Organizational Solutions is a registered non-profit in the USA only under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and will send a receipt for all donations.

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Terms of Agreement

My authorization to charge the amount indicated to my credit card or from my bank account shall be the same as if I had personally signed a charge authorization or check made payable to Allegro Organizational Solutions. This authorization shall remain in effect until I notify Allegro Organizational Solutions that I wish to change this agreement, which I may do at any time at . The charge on my credit card or bank statement will appear as Allegro Organizational Solutions. Any donation submitted on this website through the end of December 31st will be receipted as a donation for that same year, though your credit card or bank statement may show the transaction as occurring in the following year. For questions regarding giving online, please send email to .

**Note, the following fees are charged by the processor and taken out of the donation amount:

  • Credit Card: 2.95%+$0.25
  • Electronic Check / Bank Draft: 0.5%+$0.35
  • PayPal: 2.2% + $0.30 ea.

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Matching Gift

Make a check out to Allegro Organizational Solutions and include a note with the designation code BlessedByHisBlood.001. Alternatively, you can print out and mail this note with your check.
Mail to:
Allegro Organizational Solutions
5535 Memorial Dr. Ste. F-811
Houston, TX 77007

Please email with the following information:
(1) Donor’s Full Name
(2) Stock or Fund
(3) Date of Transfer
(4) Number of Shares
(5) Estimated Value
(6) Gift Designation
Please note that the estimated value is the donor’s estimate. Actual value will be credited as the mean between the highest and lowest price at which the stock traded the day it is received in the Allegro Organizational Solutions account.

Call Allegro Organizational Solutions at 713-874-1519 during business hours to provide your giving details over the phone.

Please check with your employer about their gift matching process and follow their procedure. We are happy to provide you with any information they might need as well as directly answer questions, fill out forms, etc if they call 713-874-1519.