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Steele Haven is a restoration center being developed in Johnson City as a place where those recently widowed and orphaned, families facing terminal illness or battling addiction, and humanitarian workers home from abroad can find a place to visit, relax, refresh, enjoy, know and worship their Creator.

Please help us reach our goal of raising $100,000 for the construction of our our "Tiny Havens" a collection of tiny homes, cabins, cottages, yurts, vardos, tree houses, and other eclectic and whimsical places for our guests.



Donation Target

Click Here to Fund the Bunkhouse

This tiny home is perfectly suited for those families with several children and is the first building we hope to add to our property. Cost with delivery is just a bit over $100,000.

Donation Target

Click Here to Fund the Solace

This loft bedroom tiny home is intended for singles and couples though it can sleep a family of four for shorter stays. Cost with delivery is just under $60,000.

Donation Target

Click Here to Fund the Bathhouse

Our utilities are designed to accommodate up to six "Tiny Havens" and in the interim, RV's will occupy those spaces and a bathhouse and laundry are needed.

Donation Target

Click Here to Fund the Yurt

The first of our whimsical places to stay will be a Mongolian styled yurt. It won't be strictly a tent in the woods and will have a full bathroom and kitchen. Cost for construction is $36,000.

Donation Target

Click Here to Fund the Treehouse

God has blessed Steele Haven with abundant, tall hardwood trees so our plan is to build a treehouse fit for a family of six! It will have a full bathroom and kitchen. Cost for construction is $65,000.

Donation Target

Click Here to Fund the Vardos

Our forest will eventually host a tiny vardo village with a mix of Gypsy-style wagons serving as seperate bedrooms, kitchen, and bathroom in a forest camp setting. Cost is estimated at $40,000.

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