How can the complex causes and symptoms of poverty be alleviated?

One way is to grow communities, initiatives and projects focusing on them. However, the accumulated wisdom and systems to do this are poorly transmitted between organizations.

This is especially true for new efforts, which struggle to overcome initial barriers and costs. Many of these efforts fail to meet their potential. They may have merit and ingenuity, but fail in some area of administrative or program execution.
Allegro provides organizational wisdom and systems to clients, through modules in:
  • General Services, Philosophy and Ethos
  • Knowledge Management
  • Human Resources and Staffing
  • Technology
  • Accounting
  • Public Relations & Fundraising
  • Programs & Services to Beneficiaries

Clients can outsource modules, as they have need, on an a la carte basis.

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Allegro's goal is to maximize personal involvement and professional expertise in:

  • alleviating poverty
  • reconciliation
  • small business development, in support of the poor
By making it easier for anyone to pursue an idea,

Allegro is giving life to vision your vision.

If you are interested in learning more, contact Allegro at:

Allegro Organizational Solutions
5535 Memorial Dr., Ste. F-811
Houston, TX 77007 USA

+1 (713) 874-1519

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