What We Do

At Allegro, we work every day alongside countless groups that have bright ideas for how to improve the livelihoods of people around the world.

We exist to leverage these groups toward success. We are nonprofit experts united in the service of helping charitable endeavors start their journey. We thrive in giving life to your vision.

We want you to focus on what you care about most: the mission and activity of your charitable initiative.

Allegro enables your charitable initiative or non-profit startup, no matter how big or small, to focus on its mission by taking on the “back office” administrative duties, providing a non-profit status to your initiative, and much more!

You and your "team" (formal or otherwise) are thereby able to carry out your initiative more effectively and efficiently while we handle the boring stuff.

If you're wondering if your vision for a charitable initiative is the type of idea we can partner with, then please click below to read more or give us a call M-F between 9am and 2pm CST day at  +1 (713) 874-1519

About Us


Projects among minority groups in SE Asia

"Allegro, and particularly its service people have been efficient, accurate and timely in all its dealings with us. Their service has allowed us to focus on our work."

Mario M.

Promotion of Peace and interracial reconciliation through film and media production

“Allegro provides an administrative platform that empowers us to pursue our calling & to focus on doing what we do best!"