Let Us Help You Help Others

Allegro’s “Family Assistance Fund” provides financial help towards 1) disaster recovery, OR 2) education and medical expenses for families in need.  It is a vehicle for caring groups of donors, such as churches or faith communities, a group of employees, a company, a cross-fit gym community, or just some neighbors, to give to families in crisis.

Let us know if you would like to set up an account in the Family Assistance Fund for someone in need.









How it works

  • After basic information has been received from the sponsoring group, Allegro will give representatives of the group an account code similar to the form “FamilyAsst-xxxx.001” .
  • Donors can contribute to the fund by sending checks or giving  online to “Allegro Solutions”, www.allegrosolutions.org, and designating gifts to that account code
  • Donors will receive a receipt for their gift, and an acknowledgement at the end of the year. Allegro is a 501(c)(3) US charity, and gifts to Allegro are tax-deductible.
  • The group representative will receive a User ID and a Password to login to see activity in the account through our online management system, "Bridge". They will also receive a monthly summary of activity to the account by email.
  • The group representative can log in to request payments for valid charitable expenses from the account. Valid charitable expenses include: academic and medical expenses related to the family or disaster recovery. Allegro can also arrange appropriate payment mechanisms for complex cases.
  • The sponsoring group determines and carries out the process for reviewing and recommending assistance payments to families-in-need. Allegro can assist across a collaborative spectrum: From Allegro entirely hosting the information infrastructure, to Allegro merely receiving recommendations and applicant data, and then generating payments. In all cases, the sponsoring group recommends the criteria for assistance, and is responsible for receiving and reviewing family-in-need applicants.

If you are a sponsoring group (i.e. a company, a group of neighbors, a church, a fitness club, etc.) that would like to start a fund for one or more families, please click the button below to contact us.




Due to US IRS rules, relatives of a beneficiary family may not receive a tax deduction for a gift to a specific family.  They may give to the account, but may not use the gift as a tax-deduction.

For it’s work, Allegro will assess 5% one time, plus transaction fees on donations to, and payments from, the account in order to cover administrative and operating costs. We have worked hard to get our administrative costs as lean as possible. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you have about this.



"We're glad to have a way to help one of our coworkers directly, rather than just give to the Red Cross. His family's home was flooded in Hurricane Harvey and none of ours were, thankfully, and so we're eager to contribute to getting them back on their feet!"